• All fees for Services provided to Client are due and payable in full, in advance of provision of Services. A valid credit card for monthly payment of fees shall remain securely on file to cover monthly recurring charges for service.

• Initial charges for service will be paid in advance of service. Thereafter, 24H Social will attempt to charge Client’s credit card every 30 days of the client first ordering services. Charges not paid by the due date for any reason will result in a suspension of Services until full payment is received. Suspension of Services for non-payment will not result in a proration of fees.

• Except in the case of a material breach of this agreement by 24H Social, 24H Social does not issue refunds of any fees for any reason.

• Cancellations are required in writing by email to our billing department ( before client’s next billing date. Cancellations need to be processed and confirmed by our billing department. Cancel requests sent to employees outside of the billing department are not guaranteed. We do not issue prorated refunds for cancellations received early in a billing period, but we will finish out the month if requested.

• Continuation of work on a client that is passed due who did not cancel will result in accrued backpayments due.  No interest is charged. We vow to keep accurate records of all communication and work performed to justify the backpayment due.

• Our Services officially start the day you sign up and we begin the on-boarding process, not when we first post. There are no set up fees. This setup work and on-boarding fee is included in the monthly payment.

• This Agreement will supersede and replace all other agreements between the Parties of the same subject matter, including any agreements, directions, or claims made by 24H SocialSocial employees, unless a formal variance is confirmed and agreed to by the client and executive level management at 24H Social